10 Top Beauty Trends for Fall 2011


Inky wings & heavy mascara

Many designers have continued loading on the black mascara just like last season. This look has been very popular with Hollywood celebrities; Kim Kardashian’s eye makeup is a good example of this makeup trend.

At many shows this season the thick mascara was teamed up with inky liners to further frame the eyes. Some designers like Lanvin, Derek Lam and Louis Vuitton opted for a more graphic effect with black liners and smudged shadows.

To get a full effect of spidery lashes, you will need to pile on 3-4 coats of mascara. If you do not have long lashes, try adding some single false eyelashes to achieve a fuller frame.


Smoky metallic

This season, designers took the subtler smoky eye from spring/summer 2011 and added metallic to really give the eye a wow-factor. A range of different metallic colors were seen on the catwalks: silvery-blue shadow at Chanel, dark with shimmery gold at Roberto Cavalli and amethyst shadow at Vera Wang just to name a few.

If you do not want to over-do the shine, just add shimmer in the inner corner of the eye to make them sparkle.

Loose shimmery shadows are great for this look; they can be dusted on top of any shadow and it is easy to control the amount of shine by just adding a bit more if preferred or blend away if too much. Make sure to dust off excess product from your brush before application to avoid it falling into your eyes.


Full & Bold

Eyebrows continue to define faces and make statements, however last season’s blonde eyebrows are now replaced with bold, boyish and above all – full eyebrows.

Bold eyebrows look great paired with a clear complexion as seen at Oscar de la Renta. To succeed with this look, as a rule-of-thumb, it is always better to go one shade lighter then your actual eyebrow color when making them look fuller.  For this look – think bushy yet groomed.


Flashes of Color

Other strong statements this season are strategically placed colors. At the shows they were used to add a flash of color to eyes, lips, nail, hair and even eyebrows.

I love the look of Jil Sander’s models. However, when trying this trend it is safer to choose one area for your color-pop and leave the rest of the face neutral.


Flawless flush

Beautiful skin is always in style and this season we see great emphasis on complexions. Layers of super fine foundation built up models skin, cheekbones were gently contoured and a fresh flush of peachy blush was added for a healthy warm look.

Plain face, great eyebrows, carved-out cheeks and flesh-toned lips is what you need for this trend – sometimes it is quite nice not to be overly made up.

To succeed with your complexion, try using a foundation brush when applying your base. Learn more about the advantages of using a foundation brush under the products section of this website.


Range of Reds

Don’t put away your red lipsticks just yet – makeup’s most iconic statement continues to rule the catwalk. This season there are range of reds to choose from in bright, matte, glossy and bold shades and textures. Take your pick and team it with a fresh face.


Reinvented Ponies

When it comes to hair, the ponytail ruled the catwalks this season. The classic ponytail reinvents itself and can come in any imaginable incarnation from high on the crown to very low, from glossy and posh to tousled and sporty, to barely hanging on as seen at Balmain.

For the barely hanging on ponytail try teasing the hair a little to help the elastic to stay put.

Ponytails are incredibly practical, it can be worn day or night and are easy to achieve.  They are also the best choice if you don’t want to look over-styled or like you have tried too hard.

A trick to make a simple ponytail look amazing is to wrap a section of the hair around the pony’s base to camouflage the elastic band.


Undone & carefree

As a contrast to the slick and styled this season we have, realistically undone and carefree hair influenced by real-world individuality and DIY street style.



Continue to braid your hair – this style is a keeper for fall/winter. One of the best things about braids is that they are very adaptable and you can tailor them to suit any occasion. You can go creative or you can stick with the simple braid as seen at Emilio Pucci and Lanvin.


Hair decor

Hair accessories are back; give your tresses a boost of style and an instant update with help of a decoration. This season everything goes from metals and jewelry to fabrics and feathers.


All Images from Style.com