CHARLOTTA WOODWARD – is an International Makeup Artist who has worked on the fashion scenes of London and Stockholm since 1995, prior to moving to Asia in early 2001. At the end of 2004 she co-founded FORMA Image Studio in Shanghai and in 2006 she launched FORMA Image Asia in Singapore and in 2010 Form.era Beauty in Shanghai.

After 12 years in Asia, Charlotta and her family moved back to Europe and are now based in south London.

Charlotta’s work as a freelance Makeup Artist has given her the opportunities to work with many photographers, international clients, magazines and TV Production companies in many different markets.

She has been the makeup artist for many celebrities and models. She is frequently asked to give talks about makeup and also to give expert beauty advice in fashion & lifestyle magazines. She also conducts makeup courses, workshops and seminars for private clients wishing to learn more about makeup and makeup application.

Charlotta is also a trained Image Consultant and has a communication degree from one of Sweden’s top Business Schools. Over the years, she has worked with various corporations and individuals wishing to enhance their image through improved appearance and behavior.

In her work Charlotta co-operates with a mixture of other professionals, such as Photographers, Hair Stylists, Writers, PR-Specialists and Image Consultants.

After years in the beauty industry and with a deep understanding of the requirements of a wide variety of clients, Charlotta decided to launch her own beauty accessory brand – Form.era Beauty.

Charlotta says: “I wanted to create a product which makes makeup application easy, fun and user friendly for everyone. And at the same time keep it high quality and affordable”.

Form.era Beauty’s brush-sets come with detailed information about the various brushes and theirs different usage.

“This information makes it easier to know when to use which brush and I am hoping it will serve as an incentive to try new makeup looks and to experiment with different application techniques” says Charlotta.

The unusual and pretty packaging of these brush-sets also makes them an exceptional gift to any beauty savvy woman.