RED – how to find the right lipstick shade

One beauty trend that will never go out of fashion is statement making red lips – with shades ranging from glossy & bright to dark & matte there is a color for everyone.

In every girl’s makeup bag there should be a red lipstick; it makes you feel sexy and powerful!

Red however is not the easiest color to wear and for success with this color you will have to match it with your specific complexion.

Often women with cool undertones look best when wearing blue-based reds, while women with warm skin looks best wearing orangey-brown shades of red. This however is not always the case… A quick check to determine your skin tone: if your veins inside your wrist look blue, your skin tone is cool and if they look green your skin tone is warm.

Have you tried red lipstick before and thought it made you look “washed out” or perhaps you thought your teeth suddenly looked discolored? If this has happened you have probably tried on the wrong shade for your skin tone.

Luckily there are countless shades and textures available on the market and you will be able to find several that are a perfect match to your complexion. Even though skin tone is the most important feature to consider when choosing your color, it is also worth looking at your eye and hair color and the size of your lips.

Unfortunately there is no foolproof formula for you to follow; it is only by trial and error that you will find your perfect shade.

Follow the below step and I am sure you will find your perfect RED!

  1. Begin with trying a primary red – one that is not too blue or too orange in its undertone. (This shade will suit most people.)
  2. Now you can choose to first go a little cooler (red with blue tones) with the next color. If this does not suit you, try to go a little warmer (red with orange tones).
  3. Hopefully you should now know if you suit better in a cool or a warm color.
  4. When you know this, it is time to try this tone in either a brighter or a darker shade.
  5. Finally try out the different textures; matt, satin and sheer.