Organizations in today’s highly competitive environment must ensure that the impression created by staff at all levels (from Receptionist to CEO) consistently reflects the corporate branding and values. People will form opinions of your company based not only of the reputation of your brand but also of the impression your employees make in interaction with the market.
FORMA IMAGE ASIA will aid your company make the right first impression and help enhance your reputation through success-driven corporate PR and image improvement solutions.

The needs of our clients are met with sensitivity and with an emphasis on individuality. To ensure a personalized approach we tailor-make programs together with our clients to suit their specific requirements.

Corporate Photos

The media play a key role in the publics’ opinion of your company.
Visuals are essential. Every organization needs updated and well illustrated PR photos.
They put credibility to your content, put a face to a name, can help you sell your company’s services or products and help you explain your brand.
By being able to supply good images of the company and its leaders to the media, your company will stand a better chance to get quotation space in articles and get your message across.
Your staff is your company’s face to the world and it is important that portraits of them reflect your Company’s Image. And it is important that you get these portraits right.

Forma Image Asia organizes corporate photo shoots with a professional photographer, stylist and makeup artist so that you can supply the media with YOUR CHOICE of images.
We direct the shoot and ensure that the company image shines through in the photos. We issue a dress code memo for everyone so that all photos have a consistent feel but at the same time maintaining individuality of your employees.


“Corporate image starts with every individual that represents the company out in the public eyes. PR photos are the very important first steps of those. Forma have done a fantastic job helping me and my colleagues at MindShare China with our PR photos. Not only do we look professional in the photos thanks to Forma’s help and advice in the way we dress and make-up, the photos also bring our Corporate Personality alive! -Bessie Lee, CEO MindShare China

Business Attire

The employees are a company’s ambassadors to anyone outside the organization – they represent the company’s image and brand, create good will, promote and validate the company.

In today’s highly competitive and global business environment it is more important then ever to create a positive image. A majority of a company’s potential clients decide in less than two minutes whether or not to trust a company or its employees. Initial trust is crucial when establishing relationships that can ultimately lead to business partnerships, therefore making the right first impression is of great importance.

Business AttireYour employee’s appearance should reflect your Company’s Image and Values. Sometimes it is enough to set up a Company Dress Code Policy, but mostly it is more effective to follow up with workshops and/or individual coaching programs.

We will tailor-make programs that will suit your Company’s specific requirements.

Example of service content:

  • Dress code policy
  • Professional attire
  • Communicate through colors
  • Different levels of Business Casual
  • Go from formal to casual
  • Attire and accessories for different occasions

Corporate PR

The Corporate Personality defines an organization; it reflects the company’s beliefs, values and inspiration. Consistency in what the company says and how it acts in different situations is critically important, if this persona is to be strongly established.

Our communication services include: 

  • Communication Strategies
  • Communication Plans
  • Communication Policy
  • Internal Communication
  • Change Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Business protocols for e-mail communication, meetings, telephone manners, business etiquette etc.