Quick fix – radiant skin

Healthy looking luminous skin


One beauty trend that always pops up for spring/summer seasons is beautiful, well-hydrated and natural looking skin. It is time to spend a little bit more time on your skincare regime and let your natural fresh luster shine through. This means going easy on heavy foundations and powders, only apply where necessary; under eye area and wherever there’s a spot or skin discoloration.

For a quick beauty boost, try the following:

  • Clean and tone your skin as usual.
  • Before applying moisturizer and makeup, put on a hydrating face mask and leave on for 10-15 minutes (follow directions on the package).
  • There are a wide variety of facial masks on the market. To make this procedure extra simple, try the new generation “cloth” masks that come as a pre-cut facial-mask soaked in moisturizing and skin nutrients.
  • The mask will lift the blood to the skin surface, boost the skin with moisture and give you a natural looking radiance.

Hydration Facial Cloth Masks are also great to use during long flights to avoid dry and dull looking skin due to de-hydration.

A few hydrating products that I like are; Lancôme’s Hydra Intense Masque, Estee Lauder’s So Moist Deep Hydrating Mask, Sensai’s Cellular Performance Hydrachange Mask and Neutrogena’s Deep Hydrating Mask.

For a quick boost of moisture for the eye area try Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Eye Cream.