How to Make Your Red Lipstick Last

  1. Apply foundation to your lips with either a sponge or with your fingertips; this will give you a good base for your lip color.
  2. Line and fill you lips with a nude lip pencil.
  3. Apply lipstick with a brush, start following the lip line and then fill in the rest of the lips. Using a brush to apply your lipstick will not only use up less lipstick but it is also more precise.
  4. Blot off excess lipstick with a tissue or blotting paper.
  5. Through a very thin layer of paper over your lips, apply loose powder with a brush or a puff.
  6. Apply a second coat of lipstick with the brush. Blot again.
  7. Finally add the top layer of lipstick, or add a lip gloss if you wish a more luminous look.