Top Beauty Trends Fall/Winter 2012

There is no lack of inspiration when looking at the runway trends for fall/winter. There are many diverse and inspiring looks. Even though the changes from past seasons aren’t that vast, the looks somehow feel fresh and new.

My absolute favorite of the season is the colorful – new take – on the smoky eye seen at Jason Wu.

Pale flawless skin

Bare, pale and flawless was a common scene on the catwalk for fall/winter. Many designers had taken this popular spring trend and made it a their statement look. Less is more seems to be the motto. Some designers paired the skin with nude creamy lip shades and a hint of mascara whilst others went for a matte finish and subtly shaded cheekbones. To succeed with this trend it is essential that you keep you skin at its best with regular facials. To look polished rather than undone, don’t forget to keep your eyebrows well groomed.

Bold Brows

Carrying over from spring/summer is the focus on eyebrows. Make a statement by letting a bold brow be the main point of your beauty look. Bold can also mean lighter as seen at Gucci. Keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum to really let your eyebrows pop. Though Chanel’s models made a great impression on the runway, this is not a look for all of us. For a more wearable version of this trend do not over-shape the brow, but instead follow your natural shape and enhance it with a darker (than normal) shade. Dolce & Gabbana did a softer version of the bold brow and yet kept it the focal point.

Dark Romance

Or a softer kind of Goth is what many makeup designers called this look. Pale skin was teamed with soft smoky, dreamy eye makeup and often with dark, berry stained lips. The eye makeup’s key points are; natural hues, bare lashes and groomed arches. To succeed with the eye shadow, try a product with less pigmentation and gradually build up the color intensity.

Graphic eye

Lined eyes take center stage with bold graphics and eclectic hues. This is a look that needs a steady hand to perfect. You will also want your face to have symmetry so it is important to make the lines on both eyes as similar as possible. Doing a little bit, of the line, at the time on both eyes rather than completing one eye fully before doing the other side easiest achieves this.


Whether it is one strong color, blood red at Donna Karen and mustard at Dries Van Noten, or an array of colors seen at Prada and Roberto Cavalli. Color is definitely huge this season. Achieve a butterfly effect by applying metallic colors in symmetric blocks both over and under your eyes.


With inspiration from the days of grunge – this makeup is dark, worn in and sexy. Too get the right feeling; you should not be too precise when applying your eye makeup. Emphasize is on the under eye area. To achieve the lived in appearance that were seen at the shows of Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs, try using your fingertip to apply cream or powder eye shadow under your lower lashes. Be careful though, it is a fine balance between deliberately smudgy and looking too messy. A smudge brush is also the perfect tool for this job.

Dramatic Red

The trend that will never vanish – RED lips…  For winter seasons this trend tends to go a shade or two darker or even deep berry shades as seen at Bottega Veneta and Rochas. At Rick Owens and Thakoon however models were given bright, intense colors. Red lips are the oldest trick in the book for an instant glamour fix and perfect for the holiday season. Match with matte skin for a retro yet contemporary take.


Blunt bangs where seen in both short and long versions. Rather than going straight to your hairdresser, use clip-on bangs to try this trend.

Retro Up-dos

Teased tresses with inspiration from the 60s, often accessorized with a headband, looked surprisingly contemporary. This is a trend that you can make into your own by deciding how big you go and what accessory you choose. Leave the ends loose or tie them back.

Super Sleek

In contrast to the teased hair of the retro trend, some designers opted to go the opposite direction and neatly parted hair down the center or side and added lots of gloss. If you are going out and are short of time and have a hair that really could need a wash, this trend is a perfect timesaver.