Top Beauty Trends for Fall/Winter 2013

Yet again, we are approaching winter and it is going far to quickly if you ask me. However the new season brings some fresh ideas and new inspiration for us.

Whatever makeup the designers had chosen this season, they were always paired up with carefully groomed skin. The key trend this season would be focus on beautifully prepped, satin looking skin. Get your foundation application right and it would be hard to fail the rest of our makeup. Under Blogs you will find tips on how to achieve this look.

Read on for the best of fall/winter makeup.

Matte Satin Skin

Perfectly perfected skin – that is what this trend is all about. It should look like you are not wearing any makeup, but skin is carefully groomed and prepped with foundation and set with powder.


The 60s trend from Spring/Summer holds it’s grip on beauty, at some shows it was updated with a futuristic twist – seen at Christian Dior. But mostly we saw the iconic Cat-Eye making its mark in a strong black.

Two useful brushes to achieve a sharp edged Cat-Eye are a short pointed liner brush and a small eye shadow brush. The short tip of the liner gives you control over your application and the small eye shadow brush helps you fill in and blend the larger areas. Both of these brushes are included in our 6-set brushes.

Wine-Stained Lips

Continuing from last season, on most part lips was matte or semi-matte. However new for Fall/Winter is a stained rather than carefully painted lip and with colors that make you think of full-bodied red wines.

Sparkle & Shine

If you want to really make a statement this season, go for the eyes. At many shows focus was on a heavily made up eyes with either glitter or shine effects. When using glitter make sure to prime with a product the glitter can be fixed on, to reduce the risk of getting glitter flakes in your eyes.

Makeup Store have a great product called ‘Blend & Fix’, 
this product can also be used to intensify your eye shadow or to make a creamy shadow out of loose shadows.

A Thin Black Line

In contrast to the bolder 60s inspired liner, many designers opted for a skinny black line along the top lashes. Again use a short pointy liner brush to stay in control of your line. For best results draw the line in small strokes going downwards into your lash line, trying to draw one long stroke tend to make the line a bit wobbly unless you are very steady with your hand. A prefer gel- and cake- liners to liquid liners.

Bobbi Brown’s Long-wear Gel Eyeliner is very easy to apply and stay on well without smudging.


Very feminine, polished and ‘grown-up’ beauty were seen everywhere this season. No reason to choose just one feature with this trend – instead match well-defined eyes with red tone lips and done-up hair. Makes me think of old Hollywood.

Grunge & Punk

Started already last fall, sustained over the spring/summer season and is set to continue. I am talking about edgy makeup with an attitude. The focus is still on the lower lash line, but at Fendi we saw the attitude was all about the hair. To create the smudged eyeliner, use a black eye pencil on the inner rim of the eye and dab color just under the lower lashes, then use a small eye shadow brush to gently smudge.

Shades of Color

If I have to choose two colors that stood out from the rest this season it is definitely orange and purple. Both are surprisingly flattering and there is a color to suit any skin tone. So if you are looking for something to liven up your spirit in the darker months, this might just be it.

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