If you go back and look at the trends for fall/winter 2011, you will see many familiarities to spring/summer 2012. Often we see that what is trendy one season will spill over to the next. Popular makeup trends do not change immediately, but instead gradually evolve over time with different takes on these looks.

Runway trends are a great source of inspiration and hopefully they will encourage you to try something new. My two personal favorites this season are the Chanel reflective white lids and black liner teamed with the “wet-hair” look and the doll-like eyelashes at Louis Vuitton. 

Scarlet Fever

Red was yet again the prime color of the season, with dramatic red hues ranging from classic red to vintage orange and all the way to chocolate tones. New for this season was a slightly blurred out effect at the edges for a softer feeling. Most designers also opted for a matte lip rather then glossy.

To succeed with this look, keep the rest of your makeup minimal to let the lips make a statement.

Modern Cat Eyes

The Eyeliner stays on from last season, but with a new twist. In most cases, the line was flicked upwards for the cat eye effect. Many designers played with the classic eyeliner to give it a new spin, for example some doubled up the eyeliner in the outer corners of the eyes and some let the line venture up to the brow line and beyond.

Flicked eyeliner is flattering for most eyes, by experimenting you will see how far and how dark you are comfortable with. You can also try other colors than the classic black! A beautiful bronzed eyeliner was seen at Matthew Williamson’s show. Defined eyebrows are great with this look.

Power Brows

Bold brows dominated the runways this season too. Brows were filled in with pigment and brushed up and sometimes shaped into a dramatic arch making a striking, but at the same time, feminine statement.

Use a brow gel to keep not just the color, but also the shape in place.

Sun kissed & Healthy

What looks better for spring than a healthy sun kissed complexion? At many shows it looked like the models just got back from a beach holiday. This is a look that can get any gloomy winter skin to spark up.

Achieve the look by adding bronzer or peachy rouge high up on your cheekbones and complete with natural lipstick hues and black mascara. And for extra glow, you can try using a bronzer with a touch of shimmer.

Smoky eyes

Normally for spring we see a softer version of the smoky eye. However this year there was nothing shy about this look. Instead of soft, eyes were seriously smudged out and bold. A lovely twist was the use of navy blues and midnight grays.

White Metallic

This season’s take on metallic is reflective silvery white on lids, creases or brow bones. This look is at it’s best is when the metallic is applied in moderation and with a light hand. I love the white shiny lids at Chanel, perfectly teamed with a black liner, groomed eyebrows and a “nude” glossy lip.

Try using a cream shadow instead of a powder shadow; the creamy finish is easier to blend into the skin and looks more natural.

Rosy Lips

If red is the power color, pink is the natural choice of hue for lips this season.  The color is quite subtle and often matte. Go for a creamy texture that can easily be dabbed on with a finger.

Soft rose-colored lips goes well with any skin tone, especially when paired with a similarly toned blush and a fresh complexion.

Wet glossy Hair

Many were the designers that opted for the wet hair look. Hair was product soaked, damp tousled or highly glossed.

This is a perfect option for a “bad-hair-day” or when you are rushed and haven’t got time for a hair wash and/or blow dry.


We often see different take on the classic ponytail and this season was no exception.

Ponytails are one of the most versatile hairstyles there is and do not require a whole lot of styling either.

Embellished Up-dos

Creative touches defined the season’s up-dos, many were enriched with hair décor whilst other used braids and twists as the building block.

City Wave

Instead of beach waves, this season designers liked to called their carefree hair the “city or urban wave”. It is a loose curve in the hair that looks effortlessly cool and is easily achieved with a rough blow dry, subtle curl with the iron and raked through with your fingers.


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