Top Beauty Trends for Spring/Summer 2013


Winter has finally let go of its grip and spring has arrived, at least here in the UK.  This means it is time to have a look at the spring/summer beauty trends and get some inspiration!

As usual the biggest trend for this time of year is beautiful natural looks, with emphasis on flawless skin and fresh faces. There were countless designers that once again had opted for this look as the perfect backdrop for their collections. We saw this style at Balmain, Giambattiska Valli, Marni, Rick Owens, Ralph Lauren, Valentino and DKNY – just to name a few.

Flawless skin starts with good skincare. If you have been neglecting your skin over the winter have a look at ‘Quick fix – radiant skin’ for a fast boost.

Another trend that we see season after season is the statement lip. For summer the colors tend to go brighter, so think bright red, pink and orange rather than darker reds and burgundy.  One point I noted this season is that whichever shade chosen the matte texture was a definite winner over glossy pouts.

Read on for the full beauty summary of this season and hopefully you will be as inspired as I am.


Smudged Eyeliner

The eyeliner is definitely back as a beauty basic.  Already last season there were smudged eyeliners a la nineties grunge. However this season the rim is tighter and only softly smudged.  To create this look, use a black eye pencil on the inner rim of the eye and dab color just under the lower lashes, then use a small eye shadow brush to gently smudge. Don’t make it too perfect, it is supposed to look a little ‘lived-in’.  Note Versace’s darker version of this look.

Lash out

Anything goes and it is time to have fun with your lashes this season. If you prefer not to use fake lashes, try layering your mascara and create spider lashes as seen at Véronique Leroy.

Bold is Beautiful

Strong brows proved their power yet again.  At Etro and Miele the brows were fresh, clean and naturally full. This is the leading way of doing a strong brow this season.  At Alexander Wang and Narciso Rodriquez the model’s brows had been filled in to make a powerful focal point. When filling in your brows make sure to use short feathery strokes for a more natural shape and look.

I love the look at Miele, where the brows where teamed with a bright red lip. Super fresh!

Flawless and cool

As I mentioned in the introduction, skin was glowing on many of spring’s runway shows. What I really liked was the use of subtle white on eyelids and inner corners as seen at Jil Sander, Calvin Klein Collection and Bottega Veneta.

There is always a risk of looking slightly washed out with a bare makeup trend. To bring out the inner glow in your skin sweep a tan, pink or apricot blush over your cheekbones. A light-reflecting primer under your foundation will also help skin looking radiant and fresh.

Blues and greens

Makeup artists dabbed their brushes in shades of the Mediterranean and brought out colors like turquoise, jade and aqua. Adding a bit of color like this is a great way of updating your makeup for summer. To keep the look current, the colors should really pop out, so do not blend them too much.

Colour Blast

There are plenty of colours this season. Strong colored eyes were spotted at many shows and perhaps most notable at Donna Karen, however this one is not a good look for outside of the catwalk.  Chloé’s copper eyes however look fantastic and would flatter most eye- and skin tones, so could be worth a try. Team this copper tone with a soft pink lip to create a perfect contrast.

Statement lips

My favorite is the fuchsia pouts seen on Dries Van Noten’s models.


There were plenty of sophisticated hair knots around this season and most of them were positioned low at the neck. Keep stray strands at bay with the help of old-fashioned hairnets.

The New Pony

This season the classic ponytail was positioned low, just at the nape of the neck or slightly below and ironed straight for a modern twist. This is an easy to achieve favorite for lazy summer days.

 So Slick

The “wet hair” trend from last spring returned, but was a bit less drenched-looking this season. Some designers opted for a side part, some for a center parting and some for all hair slicked back without a parting.  Worn up or down, this is an easy trend to follow.

Tousled Waves

Whether the hair had soft feminine tousles, glamorous textured waves or done with a nineties grunge rock n roll feeling, they were all worn effortlessly for a perfect carefree and sexy approach.

Head Bands

Head bands and head wraps are a perfect accessory to sweep hair off the face during summer. At Dolce & Gabbana the models wore a classic silk wrap that fell down onto the neck, at Marc Jacobs the inspiration came from Africa and at Louis Vuitton we saw a feminine band that nodded to the sixties.

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